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Medigap plans (Medicare Supplement) became a specialty of ours after observing the difficulty our friends and family members were having navigating the Medicare insurance maze. We noticed that most folks were completely on their own trying to figure it out. When a senior is turning 65, they are bombarded by agents wanting to enroll them in a Medicare Supplement insurance plan or a Medicare Advantage plan. Once the agent has the senior enrolled, the agent moves on to the next enrollee (next commission) and is never heard from again. We figured out that the reason this was happening is because a lot of agents are captive with one company and really don’t know what to do when that company starts sending rate increases to the client after a year or so. The company–and the agent–are counting on that senior client to just let the automatic payment keep going without ever inquiring to see if there is any possibility of saving money.

With backgrounds in insurance and school administration, we are no strangers to keeping a close eye on the books for cost increases and better deals to keep costs down. Our solution was to get appointed with the top insurance companies in multiple states so that we could shop the entire market for our clients, most of whom are on fixed incomes and need to carefully budget their insurance expenses. Our clients enjoy the best benefits and the lowest prices from the A rated companies we are appointed with.

We offer screen sharing to help with the process

Medicare Supplement insurance plans can be made easier to understand. With our ability to let you, with your computer, see our computer screen and participate as we are going over information and filling out applications, you’ll be an expert at Medicare parts A and B, as well as having a more thorough understanding of Medigap plans.
Doing the right thing for our clients, informing them of all the choices available, then showing them how to get the savings in place, makes each day a great day for our clients and us!

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Better choices…Medicare Supplement savings.