Recently, we had a client who was prescribed oral medication for his cancer treatment. The drug was covered by his Part D prescription drug plan—not Part B, as we might have thought. This article from the American Cancer Society clears up some of the confusion:

Many seniors are charmed into what can later become untenable situations because of slick marketing and the appeal of “no, or low, monthly premium” on a Medicare Advantage plan. The real-life situation shared in this article from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows how an uninformed choice can be the first (and last) mistake a senior makes on the Medicare path:

When should you enroll in Medicare Part B? This article explains how and why to avoid typical mistakes:

This must be done by December 7th!! It is very important to shop your Part D drug plan every year, October 15th thru December 7th, directly with Medicare, at 1-800 Medicare (1-800-633-4227), to get savings that may be available and to be sure that your plan still covers all of your prescriptions for the new contract year that starts on January the 1st. You won’t know unless you call. They are open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week to help with your Part D questions and to help you get the very best priced plan that covers your prescriptions:

Retired women sure can help their budget by diligently shopping their Medigap and Part D plans every year. We know what a help the savings can be. We have many sweet, older clients who have benefited from allowing us to shop their entire market for them. Meanwhile, solutions must be found to lessen the gender disparity of retired women becoming caretakers for older women, as well as dealing with their own health problems and the associated high costs. Very interesting reading, below:

Healthy way to start the new year: take advantage of all the preventative care provided by Medicare:

CMS determined to stop Part D confusion and shenanigans by insurers:

Advocates Aim to Block Medicare Premium Increase. Check out the latest news on proposed Part B increases, on our Facebook page: